What is Tomatis
Alfred A. Tomatis, MD (1920-2001), an ear, nose, throat physician from France, was the originator of the sound and listening therapy from which multiple current day programs are based. Through his research in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s, he developed the therapeutic application of sound. The Tomatis Method, also known as “Audio-Psycho Phonology”, is based on the use of sound stimulation via application of audio-psycho-acoustically modified or modulated sound. By use of gated and filtered sound via headphones the Tomatis Method utilizes advanced technology with air and bone conduction. Through this unique blend of science and engineering, one is able to improve their ability to perceive the full range of frequencies that we know affect vestibular, speech-language and psychosocial processing areas. This in turn leads to improvement in multiple learning and communication related areas.

Tomatis’ Three Laws:
In researching the initial complaint from people exposed to constant noise Tomatis developed three laws to better explain the resultant effects:
  1. The voice contains only the sounds that the ear hears, Alfred Tomatis, MD Or, simply, the voice can only reproduce what the ear hears. What The ear does not hear, it cannot reproduce
  2. Once the listening is modified (or given the chance to hear correctly), the voice is also modified, immediately and unconsciously
  3. By retraining the middle ear muscles, one can restore hearing (and the voice). This is done by using the Electronic Ear. Over time, this auditory stimulation can transform the voice (Law of Resonance).

Law of Resonance

The Law of Resonance has a relational character, i.e. expresses the way in which two or more apparently different things or phenomena selectively communicate (are linked), being integrated into an unitary Whole

Electronic Ear

The Electronic Ear is a complex piece of audio equipment which; by using filters, amplifiers and a sophisticated gating mechanism, changes the properties of, and reshapes sound and then presents it to the ear in rapidly alternating forms. This stimulates the entire ear and the brain and the whole body.